Dr. Berlin began his clinical training at the Children’s Hospital of the Menninger Foundation in 1969.  During his four years here he was introduced to various treatment modalities.  These therapies included: milieu, regressive a la R D Lang, guided meditation, music, isolation therapy, mega-vitamin, and finally, when all else failed, LSD. During this time he completed his undergraduate studies for a B. A., and graduate work for an M.S.. He continued his graduate studies in community based mental health outreach programs.  Various venues for training included: director of an adolescent group home, outpatient child and family therapy, and adult outpatient therapy.  He employed guided meditation particularly in his research for his dissertation.  In 1976 he completed his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.

After obtaining his Ph.D. Dr. Berlin was employed by Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula in outpatient mental health services.  In 1978 he went into private practice specializing in family therapy, adolescent therapy including group homes, and as the clinical director for an adolescent day treatment center under CHOMP.  Then additional areas of expertise evolved ranging from mediation and child custody expert, small business consulting, to workshops for men, and fathers and sons.

1987 Dr. Berlin made a shift in the focus of his clinical practice to the predominant treatment of trauma and addiction.  He began training in Post Induction Therapy, and Survivors Workshops with Pia Mellody for a period of five years.  In 1994 he added to the trauma treatment the component of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming (EMDR).  At the same time he also studied Yoga philosophy and added the use of breathing techniques to facilitate trauma healing and regulation of emotional states.