Healing Resources

The TPY system stands for Twelve Steps, Post-Induction Therapy, and Yoga. The 12 steps is to get rid of the substance or addictive process and clean up the wreckage of our past of our own creation. The Post-Induction Therapy is related to treating trauma which his the underpinnings to most addictions. Yoga is to take this life which is has been cleaned, released, and allow it to be fulfilled in the most complete powerful way.


  • Guided meditation to enhance your quality of life
  • Breathing practices to release stress
  • Simple stretching to help center in the body
  • Exploring consciousness

Recovery Through the 12 Steps

  • Moral inventory
  • Cleaning house
  • Taking responsibility and ownership
  • Being accountable
  • Surrender to be guided
  • Giving it away


  • Revisit as an adult
  • Reduce shame core
  • Correct false impressions
  • Reframe interpretation
  • Release blocked energy
  • Enrich life experience