randyS. Randolph Berlin is a clinical psychologist, with 40 years of Mental Health experience working with individuals and couples. After earning his PhD. in 1976, he started working in the Mental Health Department at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninusula. He has been in private practice since 1979, specializing in treating addictive patterns.

He works with adults and adolescents who use chemicals, relationships, work and intensity (or intense situations), to avoid, numb or distract from feelings, or other distressing challenges in life.

Dr. Berlin provides the therapeutic support of the whole person. He embraces the techniques of cognitive and emotional reprocessing, Gestalt, mental imagery, breathing and relaxation exercises.

In 1987 he began training with Pia Mellody, using PIT or Post Induction Therapy, which he continues to use today in his Survivors Workshops, held in the US and the United Kingdom.